Friday, October 7, 2011

Caution...don't trip over the links.

Oh em gee you guys I WANT to write.  I really really do.  But my life is just INSANE right now.

Since I last poked my head  in here (because saying I poke my fingers in here, while technically more accurate, just sounds dirty) I have gone on the adventure of a liftetime, landing me 1300 very scary miles away from my little nest to reconnect with and, as it turns out, fall back in love with the first, best, (hopefully last) love of my life.   Go ahead, get it out of your system...everybody say "awwww".

Of course I then had to come back home, which leaves me in love with a man, and his daughter, who live 1300 miles away.  God really does have a mean-spirited sense of humor when it comes to giving us what we wish for.

Meanwhile I've been trying really hard to dive into this Beach Body thing (it's my blog and I will shamelessly plug my side job if I want to) which, in an effort to not to eff up the day job, has to be done largely at lunch time.  While I'm tempted to change the name of this little ditty to "blogoverwheneverihaveasplitsecond", the URL would be a bit clumsy so we're sticking with what we have for now.

I've lost 8 lbs in the past month which I credit partly to Shakeology, partly to a surprising amount of sweat and, yes, tears while I curse Chalene Johnson, her ancestors and offspring....until I notice the little pre-muscle-like bumps on my arms, the increasing extra room in my pants and my increased energy, at which point I feel just the teeny tinieist little bit guilty for my surly attitude toward her.

And The Boy....let's don't even get me started on The Boy.

And honestly, the fact that I spend more time each day smiling than frowning reassures me over and over and over again that I am EXACTLY where I should be rightthisverysecond.  My nature is to always be either trying to slow down or speed up, endlessly wishing for the past or the future.  But really, right now is pretty darn good....except that lunch is over.

So you're caught up.  Sorry if it feels like I dragged you here by your hair.  There are days I feel that way myself.

Today's lunch:  Giant Eagle salad bar...because it's FREEPING GORGEOUS outside and I just had to get out of the office.

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