Sunday, December 16, 2012

I Slept Through the Sunshine

This morning I slept in.  Yeah, shocking, I know.  I had my alarm set for 8:30 but when I was still awake coughing my fool head off at 1am I changed it to 9:30.  Then I hit snooze until 10.

It's December 16th.  And when I finally dragged my fat, lazy ass out of bed and put my dogs outside I realized it was unseasonably warm.  My handy-dandy thermometer said 59.  FIFTY-NINE and sunny in Northeast Ohio nine days before Christmas?  Wow.

Last night my mindset was "Yay! I can do anything I want tomorrow".  This morning it shifted to "Crap...what am I going to do today?"  Funny how a fitful night's sleep interspersed with coughing fits can mess with ones outlook.

So there I stood, in my jammies, in the opening of my patio door, basking in the sunshine, as the dogs ate at my feet, making a to-do list in my head.

1) Walk Boo, for sure.  This may be the last opportunity until spring to do so without risking windburn, slip and fall injury, frost bite and death.
2) Take The Pug to get her nails cut.  Boo got his cut at the vets this week, so only hers are going clickety-clack on the linoleum and scratching my legs as she jumps up to my lap.
3) Straighten up this house.  It's a mess.  Seriously.
4) Go to the gym.  If I go for a long enough walk I may not work out but the hot tub and steamroom may help my cold.
5) Redbox.  Return Lawless.  Don't forget, bonehead.
6) Make mini omelettes for next week's breakfast.  I have all the stuff and it's not going to keep forever.
7) Wrap presents
8) Blog

Yeah, so not necessarily in that order.

This is the kind of day I usually like.  Puttery days.  Days to not be running around trying to accomplish a million things that never seem to get caught up (like cleaning and laundry) but to do things that will make me feel like I actually accomplished something.  As I eat mini omelettes this week I will be glad I took time to make them on Sunday.  Seeing presents under my sad little 3 foot Wal Mart tree may make this place a bit less gloomy.  A trip to PetSmart, just me and my baby girl, is one of life's little pleasures.  She's an old broad now and who knows how many more of these she has in her.  A walk with Boo...The Pug doesn't do walks any more but he loves it and it clears my head. A little time to try not to turn over the problems of the day over and over and over again in my cluttered mind.

They say worrying is like rocking in a rocking chair.  It accomplishes nothing.  But when the problems are this big, they can't be ignored.  I don't know how to fix them.  So I rock.

But I slept too long, and I rocked and worried, and now it looks cold and gloomy out and the wind is making the patio door creek.  I went and slept through the damn sunshine.  Great.

This is the story of my life, as I planned, the moments passed.  As I made my to-do list, my opportunity TO DO passed on by.

So as strong as the pull is to go back to bed (I have been up for a whole two hours for crying out loud) I'm going to dig out the wrapping paper, put some presents under the tree and clean up this damn house.  I can't control the doom and gloom outside, but I can sure as hell brighten it up in here.

Be well my friends, hug your loved ones and pray for peace.

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