Sunday, October 6, 2013

You Say Obsession. I say....well, yeah..Obsession

First....I am in a MUCH MUCH MUCH better mood today than I was the last time I wrote. Because holy CRAP was that ever a gigantic bummer-y bummer or what?

Getting my stupid birthday behind me probably helped a bunch with my mood.  And my super duper awesome friends who have come and got me out of this depressing-ass house have brought enormous relief to my woe-is-me-ness.  And the fact that I have only nine days before my cast will (the doctor said MIGHT but trust fucking WILL) come off and I will be able to get places without being a pain in the ass to all involved.  And finally because I have found a few more things to keep my brain busy.  But the thing is that when one is home-bound the majority of the time, it's really hard to walk away from something that is good and doesn't cost a bunch of money or make your ass wider (it's hard to walk way from the things that DO cost a bunch of money or make your ass wider, but let's not talk about that, mnkay?) so there are times when I realize holy crap I just watched six episodes in a row of The Good Wife, is that healthy? Is this an obsession?  Yes (obsession) and no (healthy)....but throwing myself down the basement steps isn't super healthy either and that might well have happened if I didn't find a way out of the funk I was we make do.

So yeah, The Good Wife.  Holy crap why didn't anyone tell me how great this show is?  Ok yeah someone did but I don't like her so why would I listen?  Oh and if YOU told me about it, I don't mean you.  You're awesome.  Clearly I just don't pay attention.  Bygones.

John Green and, less specifically, Vlogbrothers (ok yes that link was from Brotherhood 2.0.  Don't be difficult.  It's the same guys).  These guys vlog several times a week....and they talk really fast.  I blog maybe once a month and it takes me FOR. FREAKING. EVER.  They, therefore, are brilliant.

Broscience.  Funny stuff.  And it's as close as I can come to going to the gym right now.

Firefly. Because it's awesome.  But it does it make me sad that something with such brilliant dialogue could be cancelled after only 14 episodes.  What's wrong with the world?  Sigh.

Not a NEW obsession but OH MY GOD YOU GUYS ALLIE BROSH IS BLOGGING AGAIN!!!  All is right in the world.  Maybe.  Almost.

Why are you still here?  I just pointed you to oodles and oodles of awesomeness!!!

Today's lunch:  Garden Lites Veggie Chili & Cornbread Melt.  Looks NOTHING like this...but tastes really good.



  1. I wait for your blogs. :) You have a gift too , you know. Vicki