Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Using the Interwebz as God Intended

I have all this stuff I should be doing on my lunch break.  And I don't mean woe-is-me type stuff.  I don't have a pile of shit that needs to be shoveled from point A to point B, nor are there a bunch of unwieldy large rocks that will remain forever freakishly huge if Yours Truly doesn't break them into smaller, more manageable, rocks.  I'm talking about sitting in my air conditioned office, eating my Subway sandwich and balancing my checkbook, making some personal phone calls, maybe writing something hilarious and thought-provoking and worth reading.

But what am I doing?

Reading Baby Sideburns, looking at Funny Dog Pictures, becoming obsessed with music videos and wasting time gathering lots of useless knowledge (because everything on the internet is true).

That's what Al Gore invented the internet for, right?

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