Saturday, April 9, 2011

Crazy Vitamin Lady

Day one of vitamin therapy. 

I was up until almost midnight last night, surrounded by bottles old and new, in front of the computer, working on a spreadsheet that calculates and scheduleswat to take when and how much based on the book's recommendation.  I discovered that I miscalculated two dosages and will still need to buy two more types of supplement.  Just with on what I have I'll be taking 34 frickin' pills a day, and all but 3 of them are specifically for the elbows.

Breakfast's pills left me feeling initially bloated, admittedly because I took them after a good sized breakfast, but that's how it has to be.  After my eggs, toast and a small portion of The Man's amazaing fried potatoes I washed my NINE pills down with coffee.  After the bloated feeling passed I felt oddly...clear.  Not mentally (ah if only there were any number of pills that could accomplish THAT!) but my sinuses felt clear.  This is a welcome feeling considering that I was up most of the night coughing due to whatever this sinus thing is that I'm working through.  I'm not sure if this is the result of whatever I have running it's course or from the supplements.  We'll see.

Oh and I was crazy thirsty.  Probably a good thing.  More water is always good.

There are several of these supplements that need to be taken on an empty stomach, so those are assigned to
mid-morning, mid-afternoon and bedtime.  The 'with food' pills are with breakfast, lunch and dinner.  And the ones that don't matter are assigned wherever they will fit within my carefully constructed schedule.

After breakfast I set the alarm on my phone for two hours later to take the mid-morning, empty stomach batch of pills.

The Boy and I took off to drop the dogs off at the groomers and pick up some old-lady pill containers.  It took me no less than 15 minutes to dig out and take my 'with breakfast' pills, so organization is definitely key.  On the way home I stopped and picked up an iced mocha and was finishing it when the alarm went off. much for the empty stomach thing. 

I took my five mid-morning pills and proceeded to try to organize this circuis.   Here's what I ended up with:

One pill container each for breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, mid-afternoon, dinner and bedtime. 

Theoretically I could have had lunch an hour later, but during all of the organizing and subsequent cleaning of the kitchen I forgot until TWO hours later.  Probably a result of the iced mocha and all of those capsules in my tummy.  So I just ate a PB & J and took the six lunch pills, and set my alarm for two hours from now to remind me to take my four afternoon pills.

I feel like a cancer patient.

This will be easier during the week since my meals are more scheduled.  However, my between meal snacks will have to end.  Apparently nobody notified the supplement industry that we're supposed to eat frequent, small meals.

Surrounded by all of these bottles and containers, I feel like the crazy pill lady.  I cleaned out an entire cupboard to make room for all of the bottles and weekly containers.  But if it helps, it will all be worth it.

Today's lunch: Peanut butter and apple jelly on whole wheat.  I forgot to take a damn picture.

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