Thursday, March 1, 2012

Life Begins Outside Your Comfort Zone

You guys blogging is really hard.  Boo hoo hoo.

Ok you know I love it, and when one person joked with me yesterday after several badly executed text-while-walking attempts (the problem was the walking not the texting) that I should perhaps give up the written word I said “I would sooner give up breathing.”  But as someone who writes best when she writes from the heart, about things with which she has direct experience, I can tell you that sometimes it is really hard to find things to write about that don’t fall into the category of oversharing. 

One of my favorite quotes (and this is saying something since I collect quotes like some collect pocket lint) is “Better to write for yourself and have no public than to write for the public and have no self” – Cyril Connolly

I have no other knowledge of this Connolly dude, but I like how he thinks.

I do, in a big way, write for you guys.  But writing for you guys gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling and that is, obviously, for me. And I stay true to my beliefs and I write the truth.  I will never be accused of having no self if I have anything to say about it.  And I have something to say about most anything.
So if I seem to be beating about the bush, not really sharing every thought that enters my head as I have occasionally been accused of doing, it’s just because there are other people’s thoughts to consider here. 

The other day I found myself sitting in a parking lot waiting for a gentleman.   Not randomly hoping one would show up, but one in particular who was on his way.  We had been texting for about a week and I was very anxious to meet him.   Ok I was freeping terrified.  Certainly not the first online match that resulted in an in person meeting, and these meetings always make me nervous, but this went beyond nerves.  This was stark, shaking head to toe, terror.  I wasn’t especially concerned that he would chop me up in little pieces, though the possibility is never too far back in my mind, but I was more worried that the in-person meeting would not compare to the written conversations.  I was afraid we wouldn’t like each other or, worse yet, I would like him and he wouldn’t like me.

And this little motivational tidbit sprung to mind: 

Life Begins Outside Your Comfort Zone.

It’s a big thing in Beachbody.  And yeah I get it.  Sometimes it’s uncomfortable trying to sell to someone but if you don’t ask the answer is always no. Yes my friends, today is cliche day.  And if we don’t push ourselves far beyond our comfort level physically then change will never happen.  But it never occurred to me to apply this principal to regular life.

So as I sat there in the car waiting for this man to arrive, shaking from the top of my flat ironed hair to the bottom of my cute shoes (dating is exhausting you guys…I put on MAKEUP, on a SCHOOL NIGHT!!!) I just kept telling myself that the more afraid I was the more out of my comfort zone I was and therefore the more awesome it could be.
I was right.  And that’s all I’ll say about that right now J

Today's lunch.  Boring soup.  Not even worth a picture.

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