Friday, March 16, 2012

Like this...with less y'all.

You guys, the COOLEST THING happened to me yesterday!  I almost got run over and lost my pants!

Yeah, I might need to back up.

I was heading across the street to pick up Subway for lunch (yes yes yes I realize I said I wasn't going to do that any more.  Clearly I was in the middle of some sort of psychotic break that day) and I was too pressed for time to walk down to the cross I broke the law, took my life into my own hands, and played human frogger.

I work on a five lane road, Subway (and Baskin Robbins, and Five Guys, and Starbucks and Robeks and Brueggers and Ruby Tuesday and Fridays) are across the street. On my side of the road...McDonald's.  Mneh.   So I saw an opening, and I went for it.  And by that I mean I RAN.

Ok yes it was, I don't know, however wide a five lane road is...I'm not talking the Cleveland Marathon here...but it didn't hurt my back, knees, ankles or feet and I didn't get even a teensy little bit out of breath.
How I Think I Look When I Go Jogging 

Ok I didn't even think I looked good for a half second because the next AWESOME thing happened too pants almost fell down!!!

A little like this, with less "y'all"

But you guys!!!  It's WORKING!!  Umm...I mean of COURSE it's working.  I never doubted it for a second!

I have been more than a little disappointed in myself lately.  My weight hasn't budged in something like two months.  Honestly I'm amazed it hasn't gone UP.  I have been working out sporadically (which is like a squillion times more than I did before Beachbody) and I've been eating too much in the evening (but doing pretty well during the day) and while I've been known to discount the value of small changes it would appear that these small changes have joined forces to create either a smaller waistline or increased gravity as applied to my pants and decreased as applied to my back, knees & ankles.

I'm choosing to believe it's the waistline thing.

Just imagine what will happen when I actually APPLY myself.  Because this is taking FAR TOO FREAKING long, and for good reason.  I'm a total slacker.

So the next Beachbody meeting is in something like a month.  I have a team t-shirt that is a bit too small that I WILL wear to that meeting.  And it will not be too small.  I'll post a picture.

Hey look...down's a gauntlet.

Today's lunch.  Salad bar.  I don't want to talk about it.

Beeteedubbs:    Just sayin'!  :)


  1. OK!!! I did get my laugh!! I feel like the dog myself when I run that's why I DON'T! LOL!! Thank you, Terrie, believe it or not you do inspire me!!