Sunday, April 15, 2012

Is There an App for That?

You guys I seriously need to get a life.  This weekend I rented one, and it was awesome.  I don’t want to give it back.

I do have several of the components of a life.  I have not just a job, but a career.   Well a couple of them actually.  And I enjoy them both.  I have great friends.  I have The Boy who is hilarious and sweet and loves his mom and will grow into a really good man just as soon as he pulls his head out of his ass.  But there is something missing.  I think it might be….fun??

This weekend I spent some time with a very nice gentleman who is new to my life.  I hope to spend much more with him.  We had lunch and wandered hand in hand in the mall.  We laughed and had stimulating conversation and I felt like less like a lumberjack than I have in a long time.   I also had some much needed girl time.  Giggly, alcohol-buzzed, yelling-over-the-band, laughing-at-each-other-and-ourselves-girl-time.  I really don’t have enough of that.  I need to seriously find a way to get more.   I kind of forgot how great it can be.  I have been pretty focused on filling the gap where I think male companionship belongs, but I haven’t put the conscious effort that I should into filling my girl time quota.  I realized a while back that my prince charming is not going to show up on his own, to my office or my front door or Aldi's, since those are the only three places I typically go.  I’m going to have to go find him.  Well after that realization what makes me think rich, fun, girly relationships are going to happen naturally?  They also need to be cultivated.

Is there an app for that?  Must research.

Today’s lunch….Avocados are Awesome!!!  I may never buy mayonnaise again.  Take a can or two of tuna (I recommend two, but this stuff doesn’t keep well so do have company), an avocado (or half of one if you only have one can of tuna) and a fork.  Mash away.  Add salt & pepper to taste.  Dump the glop on top of whatever fresh veggies you have in your fridge.  Enjoy.  

Edit.....about the boy being hilarious.  He just chose to demonstrate this with a blood curdling scream, in the middle of the back yard, as he was mowing the lawn.  The scream initially brought images of an amputated foot, followed by the thought that the dogs, one of which is deaf and the other is stupid, are outside and could easily get run over by ADHD boy not paying attention.  I ran to the back door, screamed "WHAT????" and he replied "I'm out of gas".  I will let him live until he is done mowing.  No guarantees beyond that.


  1. Sounds delicious, I can't wait to try it!