Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Reset Eve

Have you noticed that my blog is almost never over lunch anymore?  More often than not it's over coffee on the weekend or, like today, I'm writing after dinner.

I just finished a delicious meal of roast pork, mashed potatoes, sauerkraut and cornbread.  The best part of it was that I was sitting down to eat it, in my jammies, no less than 15 minutes after I walked in the door after work.  Leftovers are awesome.

The flavor and convenience of the meal are appreciated a bit more today because I am heading into round two of The Ultimate Reset.  Long story short, if you're new here, this is a 21 day cleanse which involves TONS of cooking.  Everything is from scratch and all natural.  Day after tomorrow I will have the last meat I'll see for three weeks and this time next week I'll be following a strict vegan diet.  It's a crapton of work, but totally worth it.  Last time around I lost 14 pounds and dropped 40 points off my cholesterol.  This time around I intend to top that weight loss number.

But the intended purpose of The Ultimate Reset is not weight loss.  It's about breaking food addictions, learning how foods impact how you feel and resetting your system.  So I'm hoping it will do more for me than can be seen on the scale and my bulging waist.  I have fallen deep into a pit of pain, self-pity and self-loathing, and my only company in this hell are my three dear friends, food, alcohol and iced coffee.  I spend way too much time alone, wallowing in my aches, pains and singleness, and eating like it's my job.  If food got rid of loneliness and depression I'd be the happiest and most popular person around.  But as we all know, all food gets rid of is self-esteem, health and clothes that fit.

This shit must stop.

When I'm done writing this I have to make a salad and dressing (yes, dressing from scratch) for tomorrow's lunch.  Then I'll make my marinade for tomorrow night's salmon dinner and gather up my supplements to take to work.  Then I'll wash kale for tomorrow's breakfast, which I will actually have to cook then sit down and eat, a big change from my normal Shakeology in the car.  

Ahead of me lies three weeks of coming home from work to empty the previous day's dishes from the dishwasher, make dinner, then making the next day's breakfast and lunch, cleaning up the kitchen, walking on the dreadmill for a half hour and falling, exhausted into bed.

But you know what I won't be doing while I do all of that?  Shoving food in my face!  I also won't be surfing, because it's hard to date when you can't eat out or even meet for coffee.  So three weeks of no overeating and no rejection.  It sounds like exactly what I need.

I'm really looking forward to all of it...rediscovering the recipes, not having to make decisions about what to eat, not having to be disappointed in myself for making the wrong decisions, and most of all I'm looking forward to not feeling like a bloated moose all the time.  It's post-holiday blah times about a zilion and I hope the door hits it in the ass on its way out.

Know what I'm not looking forward to?  Getting on the scale in the morning.  Eek!!!

Stay tuned.

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