Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ultimate Reset Day 1 - Striving for Average

Yesterday I realized, and pointed out, that even when I find time to blog it is rarely over lunch any more.  Today I remembered why.  Because I'm usually out running around at lunchtime, doing things that could wait until after work or the weekend, because going out gives me a good excuse to stop at Starbucks and either Subway or the Giant Eagle salad bar.  Not gonna lie...I miss my beloved venti iced decaf skinny mocha, but I do not miss going out in the cold to get it.

I do need to get to Trader Joe's before the weekend but it can wait 'till after work...or tomorrow...or something.  I can see I'm not going to stay ahead of my grocery list as well without Starbucks luring me out of the office.

As to the reset in general, so far so good.  I got up a half hour early this morning since I had to cook eggs, steam kale and toast bread for breakfast, and actually sit down and eat it.  Dry toast is kinda bland so I ended up making an egg sandwich.  It was good but I inhaled it all because apparently an extra half hour isn't enough.  I really enjoy steamed kale with pine nuts and it would have been nice to take my time with it but sleep got the best of me, as usual.

Last time around I tried to save my snacks for the evening and found that the blood sugar plunge mid-morning was a problem, as evidenced by a tearful breakup with my then-boyfriend with whom I made up immediately after eating an apple.  And really between cooking, cleaning up and trying to get my lazy ass on the dreadmill, who will have time for a snack anyway?  So I had an apple mid-morning and I'll have some cashews mid-afternoon to try to keep my blood sugar, and my mood stable.

I may have snapped at a coworker a few minutes ago that she was not allowed to come into my cubicle ever again smelling like peanut butter.  I said my mood would be stable...I never said it would be good.  I'm cranky, but stable, and that's all I can expect.  I'm COLD and I have a mild headache.  I miss coffee, not for the caffeine (I switched to decaf after the last Reset) but for the flavor and the WARMTH.  I tried herbal tea...but there it sits, barely touched.

Smells like what it looks like.  

Speaking of piss...I'm in the bathroom constantly.  Could be because I drank more than a half gallon of water before lunch.  Which could be another reason I'm cold. 

Bright side...I'll get to wear my cute sweaters.

I did get on the scale this morning.  My last recorded weigh-in was on 9/12 and I've gained 8 lbs since then. Not acceptable, but I really feel more like I gained 20.  Hopefully putting it on fast means it will come off fast.  A gal can hope.

And if I can take off 20 in the next three weeks, which is not un-heard-of, I will be the lowest I've been in years and my reward to myself will be to change my body type on from "'A few extra pounds" to "Average".  Let's get real though.  Two thirds of American adults are overweight or I'm already average, right?  Sad but true.

Lunch was a really yummy salad with home made creamy garlic salad dressing.  I LOVE this dressing and even make it when I'm not doing the reset.  Dinner will be baked salmon, steamed asparagus and baby potatoes.  One of the best dinners of the whole three weeks so I'm looking forward to that.  

Alkalinize at 2:30...not so much.  But it's all part of the process.  

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