Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blogging....over lunch, of course.

I've often considered starting a blog.  For several years I've had an online journal and I've even been told by one or two of my readers that I should start a blog.  My concern was always that I don't have enough to write on any given subject.  Would I rapidly run out of things to say about raising a teenager with ADHD?  Would anyone come back on a regular basis to read about my weight loss challenges?  Am I funny enough to write purely for other people's amusement?  The answers to all three questions are most assuredly NO.  But maybe if I write about whatever pops into my head, and don't try to be funny, and don't claim to be an expert on any one subject (trust me, if it's not about Payroll I'm sure I know far less than you) then there's a chance it might not be a compelte waste of my time to write and your time to read.  MAYBE.

I work full time -- plus a bit.  I DO have a teenage son to raise.  I also have a long-term live in-boyfriend (I HATE that word) who has kids of his own coming and going.  I try really hard to get to the gym two or three times a week, clean before the dust bunnies unionize and cook once a month or so.  I love to write, but how can I possibly squeeze it into my schedule on a regular basis any time other than between 3:45 and 4 am?  THIS was the question I was considering a few minutes ago over my soup.  And because all the really cute, witty, fun names were taken I created Blog Over Lunch. 

I'm new to blogger.com, so I apologize in advance for whatever blank space and boring formatting may accompany my words at first.  I'll be learning how to navigate the site as I go along.  I'll try to write something at least marginally interesting, informative and/or entertaining every day.  In that way I promise to give you your money's worth (which is to say, you get what you pay for).  If I miss the mark, thanks for stopping by and feel free to go along your merry way.  I'm mostly doing this for me because, as I said, I really enjoy writing.  If you do like it, send me a comment.  I think there’s a button around here somewhere for that.  I'd really appreciate your feedback.

And since I'm pretty much flying along by the seat of my pants, if there's anything in particular you'd like to see here, let me know.  I'm open to suggestions.

I suppose a good start would be to introduce myself.  My name is Terrie and I’m a Payroll Manager for a restaurant franchise.  I love my job.  I live just outside of Cleveland but I’m not a sports fan so it’s ok. 

The Boy:  My son is 16 years old.  He was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 7.  Medication helps him focus but, sadly, does not change the fact that he’s a male teenager and therefore feels the need to lie to me at every turn.   Did you know that children with ADHD can lag as much as 3 years behind their peers as far as maturity is concerned?  Yep.  So he’s as tall as me, stronger than me, expects the freedom of a 16 year old with the maturity of a 13 year old.  Oh and he is EXACTLY like his father.  Fun times.

The Man:   I met The Man shortly after The Ex (below) and I became separated.  A year later he moved in and we’ve been cohabitating now for almost five years.  For the most part we balance each other out nicely.  He likes to get up early, I like to sleep in.  He likes to eat healthy, except when he doesn’t.  I try to lose weight, except when I get discouraged.  Most of the time we don’t want to kill each other, but we have our moments.

The Ex:  I’ve been divorced for five years from my high school sweetheart.  We were together a total of 22 years.  He’s very active in my son’s life and he’s very good about reminding me on a regular basis exactly why I divorced him.

The Girls:  The Man has two daughters.  The Oldest lives in our basement.  The Youngest lives with her mother but spends almost every weekend with us. 

The Dogs:  The Pug is a cranky old bitch.  The Cavachon is a year and a half old and still thinks he’s a puppy.

Right now I need to go wash my bowl and get back to work.  More tomorrow.

Today's Lunch - Campbell's Chunky Clam  Chowder - Because soup is indeed good food.

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