Friday, January 28, 2011

Look At Me Acting all Healthy'n Sh*t

It's FRIDAY and I'm entering the home stretch.  Since the plague took from me the majority of last weekend (I slept until 4pm on Saturday) I'm looking forward to the two days to come.

I'm also in a MUCH better mood today than I was yesterday, which I attribute primarily to Pandora starting my day out with the likes of Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles and Johnny Cash.  I should really be legally required to have music playing near me at all times.  It drastically reduces the likelihood that I may hurt someone for something as trivial as being an idiot.

Of course it helps to have something to look forward to.  The light at the end of the tunnel has been burning dimly in the distance for me lately but today I feel the glow. 

Tomorrow The Boy and I, possibly accompanied by his "friend" (a GIRL!) are going to visit The West Side Market.  I try to get there a few times a year just for the experience of it.  My Grandmother and Great Grandmother used to shop there.  It's so historically rich, architecturally interesting and just plain cool, but it's also about 40 minutes from my house so the trips are a treat.  I admit I tend to buy things I shouldn't, either because they're not good for me or because I'll end up not using them, but there are so many things there that you can't get at the big chain grocery stores (pig head anyone?).  The Boy hasn't been there since he was too little to remember so when we saw a special on TV about it a few months ago he said he'd like to go.  Of course I am firmly rooted in reality and I know, without a doubt, that five minutes in he'll be asking how much longer I plan to be there, but I'll try hard not to let him ruin the experience and hope some day he'll take HIS kids and tell them about how their Grandmother, who they love dearly, brought him there.

I promise to pick up something that I can photograph and eat when next I Blog Over Lunch.

Another thing I'm looking forward to is the impending delivery of several Borders gift cards which I purchased with my Discover Cash Back Bonus (yes, there IS an upside to living rediculously far outside of one's means).  I'm going to use the gift cards to buy a Velocity Micro Cruz Tablet.  I'm beyond excited about this.  90% of my reading is done in bed, with my cell phone running the flashlight app and pointed at my book because The Man is sleeping.  He gets up 2 hours before me so I don't want to keep him awake with the light.  The rare occasion when he's still awake when I climb into bed gives him a bit too amusement for my taste.  The laughter distracts me from my book.  Apparently I look like a total doof with my illuminated phone propped up on my chin.  So I'm about to join the E-Reader owners of the world and stop accumulating books.  Admittedly I'm going to miss hard copies, and will still try to buy Dean Koontz novels to add to my collection, but it's time to go green.  Plus I have MAJOR iPad envy (three of my bosses have them) and this is basically a low-rent, less powerful iPad knockoff running on the Droid operating system, which I already love on my phone.  So I ask the Postal Service Gods...please please PLEASE bring me my gift cards so I can go buy my new toy this weekend.

I also think, though it has been neither confirmed nor denied, that the oldest of The Girls may be moving home this weekend.  This is good stuff either because I love her very much or because I'm just crazy enough to want another teenager to be living in my house.  Probably both.

So that's what I'm looking forward to....your proverablial warm and fuzzy for the day brought to you by yours truly.  Relish it my freinds, because as we know I'm not typically a ray of frickin' sunshine.

In addition to all of the looking forward to type stuff I also have a busy weekend of not entirely exciting stuff going on.  I may not have mentioned that I'm participating in a weight loss contest at work.  I'm actually a team captain if you can believe it.  So I've promised myself and my team that I will exercise.  I'm committed to a half hour on the dreadmill and a trip to the gym to swim in addition to the walking at the market AND my normal sunday night bowling league.  Look at me acting all healthy'n shit.

AND...I  need to pay bills and as God is my witness I will at least start doing my taxes.  Maybe.

I hope you all have a fantabulous weekend of things to look forward to.  If not, why not plan something now?  Do something nice for yourself.  I worry about you.

Today's Lunch:  Light Life Asian Teryaki.  Pretty good stuff once I got over the fact that it doesn't have any meat in it.  I'm sure I thought there had to be chicken in it when I bought it.  Carnivorous as I am, I still kinda liked it.


  1. Yes, look at you acting all healthy'n shit.

    If you look closely at the food on the fork, it looks just like the profile of a little dog holding a bouquet. Let me know if you see it!

    Have a great weekend and enjoy the market!

    From Lisa because I'm having difficulty getting my comment in!

  2. getting my comment in through wordpress that is!

  3. Hmm...Lisa I don't see it. It may be time to up the meds :)