Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Literary Masturbation

While I don't want this to be a "Here's what I did today" blog (I already have that over on LiveJournal, not that I keep it up any more) I also haven't yet developed a list of things I want to write about.  So....where to turn from here?

My plan is to keep a list in my phone (combining my two favorite things: lists and my phone) of potential subjects as they pop into, and quick like before they pop again out of, my head.  The last thing I need is to be faced with this blank screen each noon.  What I do NOT need in my life is more pressure to perform in front of a keyboard, capish?

Here's the thing.  Last night I was watching Glee.  It was a rerun but it was one of the episodes from before Kurt went away to private school so I watched most of it anyway.  He sang the song from Victor/Victoria.  I so want to be his BFF.  Sorry, my inner tween took over there for a mintue.  ANYway....the slutty cheerleader used the term "Vocal Masturbation" to describe what Kurt was about to do, which was to sing a duet alone (brilliantly, I might add).  It reminded me exactly what I DON'T want this blog to be: Literary Masturbation.  Yes, I'm writing this because I enjoy writing, but I also enjoy contact and feedback from my readers (at least I did back when I had readers).  I don't want to do this only for myself.  I do see that I have two followers.  So now I say to the Blog Gods...Please Sir, Can I have some more? 

I suppose I need to do some research.  I assume I'll find a wealth of advertisement laden knowledge if I run a Google search on how to increase blog traffic.  But in the meantime, if you don't mind, tell a friend.  Pretty please?

Admittedly I'm not ready to perform the literary equivalent of Kurt's Le Jazz Hot, but that doesn't mean I don't want to...well.....see my literary masturbation turn into at least a small orgy.  Yes, my friends, here is proof that a metaphor can be creepy when taken too far.  You're welcome.

Today's lunch: Cobb Salad from the pizza joint next door with Newman's Own Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing. The healthy fat in the dressing cancels out the bacon in the salad and the of the dressing cancels out the processed meat products.  See?  It's like I didn't eat ANYTHING!


  1. Hey! It took me months to start a following and now I'm getting hits in 10's and 20's. Even ali Landry visited; but did not comment! Most people just read and come back and never write a comment. People are reading. (do you have sitemeter?) You also have to knock on other blog doors for them to come see who you are. The networking thing!

    I will do what I can for ya from my places!

    Sometimes I do ramble on about what I did today and others I bring in random stuff. Like you thought of, I write things down as I think of them and even sometimes write the post and save it as a draft for a lazy day.

    I have a twitter account lisahuschke and every time I post a blog, I advertise it over there -- that's when I started getting visited! A lot. I'm looking for work... trust me, I am doing this to learn how to promote...

  2. 10's and 20's everyday, that is. AND why am I being posted as sliced???


  3. It doesn't let me reply to comments. Not too crazy about that. But yes, blogspot has a "stats" screen where I can see how many hits I have and even where they come from (like people who click on the link in facebook) and what o/s they're on, like IE/Firefox/Iphone, etc. It's pretty cool.

    Wh's Ali Landry?

    I haven't used my twitter account in ages, and I'm not ready to put anything on facebook. I'm not ready to deal with the critics. I only put it out to people who followed me on LG, my cousin and one of my oldest friends. If I get a positive reception, build up some content and see positive results I may start sharing on my FB wall. We'll see.

  4. The surest fastest way to get readers is to read their blogs and comment. It's the only way actually. When I was doing monicaonthego I was able to get about 300 hits a day. But unfortunately that never transalted to any money and it was a lot of work to keep people coming back and a lot of commenting on others websites.