Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dumpster Diving for Nutritional Information

Late lunch today.  That whole having to make a living thing gets inconvenient at times, I'll tellya.

I was going to skip posting as I already spent most of my delayed lunch reading other people's blogs, but then I went over to the office fridge to get a Diet Coke (cue angelic singing) and I saw something I didn't understand.  Someone apparently purchased "chicken tenders" from the prepared food case at the grocery store across the street.  This is a fried strip of chicken, and yes I totally understand the allure of the food itself, but here's the thing.....there is NO nutritional information on the package.  My immediate thought when I saw this in passing was "How do you count that???"

Now let me point out that this food was obviously purchased by one of the thin or clinically underweight people who work in my office.  I say this is obvious because it's in the fridge.  Any normal (read: food-obsessed) person would not put ONE chicken tender back in the fridge for later.  This seriously does not compute.

But my point is that I spent, I kid you not, almost an hour logging last night's dinner.  The Man made this amazing taco casserole which, after we ate, reduced me to digging through the recycling and the trash, cellphone in hand, scanning ingredient barcodes into my FatSecret account so that I could calculate my caloric intake.

I may be getting a tinch obsessive, yathink?

Anyway...the BodyBugg comes tomorrow!  Oh yeah, that'll do WONDERS for the old OCD.

Today's lunch:  Amy's Rice Macaroni & Cheese.  Kinda bluh.

Excuse the lack of photos & links.  On the run.

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