Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Going International

Real quick before I have to punch the morning timeclock I wanted to say that I won't have time to write at lunchtime today.  The Boy has an an appointment which requires my attendance (this kid will be the death of me yet) and I'm going to follow it with what will hopefully be a stress-reducing double workout at the gym. 

But I just wanted to mention, in passing and totally calmly, that SOMEONE IN RUSSIA AND THE UK READ MY BLOG!!!

I have no idea how it happened but Blogspot says so and they wouldn't lie.  See??

Ok so it's only 2 pageviews in Russia and one in the UK but holy global audience Batman. 
I got back on the diet/exercise wagon yesterday, after a dismal 0.6 pound gain last week.  I ate very well yesterday and walked a half hour on the dreadmill last night.  Today I'm going to do my normal cardio workout (40 minutes on the elliptical) and then, if the pool isn't overrun with prepubescent swimteams, I'm going to swim a half hour. 
Today's lunch:  No clue. 

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  1. From Lisa

    Hope the thing with The Boy went well and ... about those UK and Russia hits... That's fairly common on blogs and I'm totally not sure why. When I had blogger this was particularly true.