Friday, March 25, 2011

Numbers, my old friend, you dissapoint me.

I am pretty good with numbers.  Not necessarily math.  Math is different.  Math is confusing.  Math is all "if X = Y then Cantelope" and that confuses the crap out of me.  I'm talking about numbers.  Working with them, shuffling them, either making them do what I want them to do or using them to figure out what I need to do (to make them do what I want them to do).  I find it reassuring.

I TRUST numbers.  They're safe and the typically don't lie (aside from the cantelope thing, but I'm a forgiving soul).

So the whole idea of, to steal Fat Secret's motto, "Calories In - Calories Out = Success", makes me think I can conquer this pesky obesity thing. 

Apparently my ass didn't get the accounting memo my brain sent out.

I have been a frigging diet SAINT for the past two weeks.  Indulge my geekhood:

The pink line is the number of calories I burn and the blue line is the number of calories I consume.  Only once in the past two weeks have I failed to burn significantly more than I've consumed....but my weight has been STUCK.  And stuck SUCKS!!!

The experts say that a pound equals 3500 calories.  Should we eat 3500 more than we burn, we gain a pound and, theoretically, vice-versa.

Based on that logic I should have lost 2.1 lbs in the past 11 days.  How much did I lose?  Try NOTHING!  NUH-EFFING-THING.

Numbers, my old friend, you dissapoint me.

But being the glass-half-full person I am (STOP LAUGHING!!!) I have been trying to see beyond the numbers on the scale.  I've been trying to focus on the fact that I've been in control.  I'm trying to see it as a success that I have not let the significant stress and emotional strain of this week drive me ass deep into a vat of caramel sauce.  I'm breaking my arm patting myself on the back over the fact that I am exercising and getting stronger and healthier.  Here's a big ATTAGIRL to me for not wasting my money on so much fast food and dining out.

Boy are my pants comfortable.  Yessiree.

All of those things are basically the equivalent of receiving underwear for Christmas...I want the Red Rider BB Gun with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time.  I want the numbers on the scale to go down...pronto.
But they will.  I know they will.  I'm paying sweat and determination and will power into an account that will eventually yield's just a mystery when that will be.

It better be friggin' soon. 

Today's lunch:  LaChoy Chicken Somethingorother with brown rice and pineapple.  I love pineapple and until today I thought it was a good addition to just about anything.  Today I found this to not be the case.  Do not try this at home.

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  1. Sorry, lunch does not look good. Pineapples are best with sour and/or salt. it offsets very well -- like on pizza (but I am kidding). I like it with Teriyaki - nothing new in that!

    You definitley get the ATTAGIRL award this year!