Monday, March 28, 2011

Wendie would be so proud.

It's Monday, and I'm full.

Friday when I left work I basically LEAPED off the wagon and sprinted (metaphorically, of if I COULD sprint) in the opposite direction.  I continued to travel toward the gates of diet hell straight through until Sunday morning.  I did, however, burn a few extra calories Sunday chasing the wagon down and hoisting my fat ass back up on it.

Back in the day there used to be an unauthorized subcultrure within the members of Weight Watchers who followed "The Wendie Plan".  Basically, as I recall (I can't find anything I'd call authoritative online), this plan involved eating at the low end of your 'points' allotment most of the week, then eating at the high end the other one or two days, thus keeping your metabolism from slowing down.

Well as I mentioned Friday ( the same entry where I was trying to convince myself to keep plugging along and not pay too much attention to the scale, what's your point?) I had been a diet saint for roughly ten days and had lost nothing.  Starting Friday, going through Saturday evening, I ate pretty much everything in sight and when I got on the scale today I was down 8/10th of a pound.  Clearly not stellar results, but far better than I had expected.

So the question is....if I had continued to plug along behaving myself would I have lost a full pound?  Maybe two?  Or did I kickstart my metabolism with those extra calories, without which I might still be here cursing the plateau?

I don't know.  I'm not confident enough that this wasn't just a freak incident to start considering t-bone steaks, Bud Light and my beloved Double Fudge Cookie Dough blizzard as part of an "on track" weekend...but wouldn't that be freakin' awesome?

I think I should probably just thank my lucky stars I dodged the bullett of a gain and move on.

Starting yesterday morning I am back on track.  I had an almost 1000 calorie deficit yesterday, which may not be wise to do on a daily basis but I think it's fine on the tail end of the sort of foodfest I had Saturday. 

Today's lunch:  The same crap I had last Friday, minus the pineapple.  And I do mean THE SAME crap, which was left over from Thursday night's dinner.  I'm starting to wonder if four day old leftovers are safe.  Hmm......

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