Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How much of the year do I get?

Well lookee here.  My blog still exists.  Who knew?

The last few months have been crazy.  Cah-ray-zee I tell you.  Busiest time of the year for the day job, trying to get the night job off the ground, traveling to see the (now ex) boyfriend, that whole Jesus' birthday thing, blah blah blah you don't care.  If you do you may want to consider getting a life because seriously it's MY LIFE and I'm tired of hearing about how overwhelmed and busy I am.  So moving on...

For those of you keeping score, men who have lied to me - 3.  Terrie - 0.  Turns out he wasn't who I thought he was.  Or maybe I wasn't who I thought I was when I was thinking I could be with who I thought he was.  Whatevvs.   H20 under the structural overpass so to speak.  Moving on again...

Except I'm NOT moving on.  Remember when The Man left and I decided I was going to stay away from humans posessing penises (peni??) for a while?  Yeah what the hell happened to THAT idea? That was a freaking BRILLIANT idea!!!  The ex boyfriend from 30 years ago is what happened to THAT idea.  So this time I really do want to work on ME for a while.  Maybe if I get my weight down I won't think I have to put up with the crap of any man who will have me.  Maybe if I get my finances in order I can pay someone to do some of that pesky around-the-house dirty-hands-making stuff that I tend to think I need a man for (and therefore put up with his crap).  Maybe if I get MY crap together I will be able to avoid the crap of another.  Maybe?  Hello?  Crickets.....

Well that's my plan and hopefully this time I'm stickin' to it. 

Anyone need any Shakeology? P90X2? Again with the crickets....but it's my blog and I will shamelessly pimp the product if I want to.

So anyway I just came back to say...ahem....ya ready?  I'm back.

And I think I'm going to write about my efforts to make 2012 the year of ME. 

Yesterday I converted my spare bedroom into an exercise room.  It is freaking awesome and I did it for nobody but lil'ol' me.  I can close the heat vent and keep it so cold it snows in there if I want to (and I do).  I don't have to move things or evacuate a room to work out.  My yoga mat lays unrolled across the floor.  Mneh.  MINE!  Somehow this feels decadently, frivelously selfish and yaknow what?  I don't care!!!  It's my house, I pay the bills and I don't want to work out in the living room where I feel like I'm in a fishbowl, crazy dancing lady for everyone to see.  And I don't like to work out in my bedroom because my little TV in there doesn't have the input thingies for my DVD player so I have to use my laptop, which means messy cords all over the place and I can't see from certain angles and why am I making excuses?   I have an exercise room!  Because it is 2012 and it is the year of ME.

Doesn't it just figure I'd pick 2012?  When exactly IS the world supposed to end anyway?  How much of the year do I get?

Now I'm going to go get a haircut I can't afford.  It will not do for me to have hair in my eyes during the year of ME, however long it is.

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