Friday, January 6, 2012

Success lies outside our comfort zone.

This morning I started a Three Day Shakeology cleanse.  I kind of don't like how it's called a "cleanse".  That word, in my mind anyway, conjours fairly unpleasant images....chemicals and prune juice and starvation and lots of time in the bathroom.  This isn't like that at all.  It's Shakeology two meals and a snack each day, a salad with lean protein for dinner, green tea and a snack of fruit.  Really very pleasant and leaves me feeling light and like I did something good for myself. 

I do, however, tend to play mind games and do something bad to myself whenever I've done something good for myself.  Last time I rebounded calorie-wise the day after the cleanse ended.  I convinced myself I could afford to splurge.  One of these days I will figure out the root cause of my self-destructive behavior.  It would be so nice to get the hell out of my own way.

But anyway I'm NOT going to do that this time..nosiree.  I'm going to do the three days and then come Monday I'm going to be several pounds lighter (I think I lost 4 or 5 last time) and then I will eat within my calories and work out and be altogether worthy of the Independent Beachbody Coach title. 

Speaking of coaching, tomorrow is Super Saturday.  This is FUN stuff.  All over the country Beachbody coaches gather and sacrifice a fat person at the base of the Golden Arches....hahah...just making sure you're paying attention.  It's just your basic convention, learning about new products and ways to grow the business. 

The last one was an adventure.

I started with Beachbody in mid September and right off the bat I was invited to a dinner with some very successful coaches, including my boss' boss, a guy named Tommy.  Well when Super Saturday rolled around about a month later I very nearly didn't go because I didn't feel like I had lost enough weight since I had last seen these people at the dinner.  I was ashamed of my lack of progress.  Also I am a bit shy and I was uncomfortable going alone.  But success lies outside our comfort zone, or some such rot, so I decided literally the night before that I would hike up my big girl panties and go.

Once there I almost left.  I knew the few people from the dinner but this was mainly a whole room full of strangers, many of whom either knew each other or brought guests.  At one point I went into the ladies room and had a good cry because I was sure I didn't belong there.  But I was there, and my Coach had seen me so there was no slinking out at that point.

So the meeting started. And I'm sitting there next to my coach, Tina.  And Tommy is up front introducing various coaches who have been very succesful.  One by one they stood up in the audience and were applauded. And Tommy says "But Super Saturday isn't only about the coaches who have been doing this for years, it's also about our new Tina Gonzales here??".  Tina mumbles "Oh shit" and I raise my hand up and point down at her so Tommy knows where Tina is.  And Tommy says "Oh Good...Tina...where's Terrie?".

Oh shit.

I almost fell through the floor....

Of course Tina says "She's right here!!".  Tommy says "Terrie shared something on Facebook last night that I want her to share with you.  Terrie tell everyone how you got here and what you posted last night."....and Tommy hands me the microphone.

I got up in front of 200 + people and told them about how I found Tina during a very difficult time in my life, how I started to believe that I could be successful because SHE thought I could be successful, and how just the night before The Boy had asked me to order P90X for him.  I talked about how he had been headed down a bad path and this gave me hope that focusing on getting into shape might straighten him out, and just maybe it had something to do with the fact that he saw me working out every day.

I cried.  Tina cried.  Some of the coaches I knew from the dinner cried. I hugged Tommy and told him if he wasn't stronger than me I would kick his ass.  Several people told me they were touched by my story, which told me that my trip there, my tears in the bathroom, my discomfort was worth it.
And I felt like I belonged there.  And I was SO glad I hadn't turned tail and ran like I wanted to.

I'd love to say that The Boy now shares my enthusiasm for fitness...but he doesn't.  He hasn't worked out in weeks.  But the DVD's and the pull up bar and the weights are there for him if he ever wants to pick them up again...and hopefully seeing that his old mom remains dedicated to it will make him want to.

Tomorrow I'll climb in the car with my friend Marybeth, a fellow coach who I met that Super Saturday, and we will drive to Toledo and convene with Tommy and a few hundred of his closest friends and learn how to better help people get healthy.  This time I know a lot more people and will be far more comfortable...and I will make sure not to say anything on Facebook tonight to bring attention to myself. 

Today's lunch....Shakeology!!  YUM!!

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