Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hello Week 2 - Goodbye 6 Pounds

I have been weighing myself every day.  Exactly like I'm not supposed to.  But it's hard not to, knowing that there is a steady downward motion on the scale.  I lost six pounds in seven days!!  I believe two of that was water (because I dropped 2 on day one) but the rest of it is real weight!

Yes, this is hard.  And yes, there are lots of benefits aside from weight loss.  I would almost be ok with doing this and not losing any weight (ALMOST) because I'm learning so much and I know I'm getting healthier.  But six pounds....that kicks ass!!

I have THREE fruit bowls in my kitchen.  And they're all full.  And I just got done ENJOYING a snack of jicama and hummus.  

Seriously, I don't know me anymore. 

There's a new supplement this week called Detox.  It's a powder that you mix with water.  The taste isn't nearly as bad as the alkalinize, though the texture is a little grainy & gloppy.  I had a heads-up on this from the support page (the support on this is awesome...daily emails, dedicated website and a facebook page specific to each week) so I mixed it in the blender. I hear a lot of complaining about how gross it is, but it's not that bad.

Breakfast from here on out is fresh fruit, which will be easy and can even be eaten on the fly.  So I threw some blueberries & grapes in a bag, added some cut up apples and headed to work.  I ate most of it in the car, but there was so much that I finished it at my desk.

Not my best photo. Needs red.  I'll do better tomorrow.

My plan was to work 'till 1:30, hit Home Depot for weedwacker string and Heinens for jicama & tahini and have dinner around 2:30.

Yeah right.

As I was heading to the check out at Heinen's I saw a glow toward the front of the store.  I heard angelic singing and harps.  

It was.......the salad bar.

No, I didn't cheat.  Well I obviously cheated on the food prep but I didn't get anything I wouldn't have had at home.  And the great thing is the healthy stuff is light.  It's all the crap that weighs down the salad causing it to be $10 at the register (yes, I have paid $10 for a salad for lunch).  Today I paid $3.19, which was TOTALLY worth the saved time and labor, then I came home and added avocado and homemade dressing.

$3.19 worth of not washing and chopping.

And yaknow, by the time I sat down to lunch, I was hungry, but I wasn't shaky and dizzy like I would normally be after 6 1/2-ish hours of not eating.  I credit the detox.  It's mostly fiber, and that's supposed to keep you full longer....or something.

After lunch I worked in the yard for an hour and a half, stripped and remade my bed and did three loads of laundry.  

My energy is off the charts....I have accomplished SO MUCH this weekend.  Granted, yesterday shortly after I posted how I wasn't that tired, I hit a brick wall and crashed...but that was 11 at night.  Crashing was reasonable.  And I shall crash again soon.

But I digress.

I wasn't too excited about dinner.  

Beans and Rice - Whoop Dee Doo.

But, as usual, it was really good.  The recipe calls for a very nice combination of spices which made it very flavorful, but not spicy.  Paired with steamed zucchini and green beans with lemon juice...seriously yummy and a LOT of food.

Starting this week the menu has an AWESOME feature.  Lunch is always the same as the previous night's dinner.  This means no more five recipe nights where I'm making three separate dishes for dinner then another two for the next day's lunch.  Not only was today's dinner easy, but all I had to do was make a salad to go with the beans & rice for tomorrow.  I was out of creamy garlic dressing so I whipped up a fresh batch and I was done cooking for the day.

Just for good measure I went ahead and threw my breakfast together rather than waiting till morning, which is another good thing about fresh fruit for breakfast.  So tomorrow, instead of cooking and eating, I get to do some yoga.  That's gonna feel really good.  My back is killing me from the yardwork.  Then I'll eat at work so I won't need a snack between breakfast & lunch. 

Nighty night!!!

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