Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ultimate Reset Day 7 - A Whole Week Already?

It's Saturday, and even though I have almost completely checked off my mental to-do list, I feel like I haven't accomplished nearly enough.  But that's why we have Sundays' right?  

In spite of my best intentions to get up at the decadently late hour of 9am, I slept until 9:30.  Fortunately breakfast was easy.  Actually everything today was pretty easy foodwise, which is good because it was shopping day.

Oatmeal, yogurt and an apple.  And that pile of goop on top is ground flax seed and cinnamon.  Nothing gourmet about this meal, but it was good, and healthy.

It positively oozes goodforyouness.

As I took a picture of my breakfast The Boy, who has only been exposed to Mom-on-Reset since last night, asked what I was doing.  I explained that not only am I cooking all of this good for me food, I'm also taking pictures and blogging about it.

His response "I'd rather be fat than do all of that"

I would not.

Immediately after breakfast (The Boy had a pop tart if you're wondering.  There are no photos) we mowed the lawn.  While we were out there my neighbor came over, who is also The Boy's boss, and paid him for last week's work.  So when I came in from two hours of mowing (The Boy gets his part done quite a bit faster than me) he thought we would just run off to the bank to cash his first check.  "As soon as I'm done with lunch", I said.  "How long is that?", he said.  "About 45 minutes" I said.


But I suggested that he could earn an extra $10 if he gave the dogs a bath while I made my lunch and that shut him up.

Gratuitous photo of adorable, clean dog. 

Lunch was nothing new.  But I am seriously in love with this soup.  And a salad after a long morning on the tractor hit the spot nicely.

Zucchini cashew soup
Microgreen salad with avocado & greek dressing.

Then, so that The Boy would not hyperventilate from all of the sighing, I took him to cash his check, and hit Aldi's for what I could get on the week 2 list.  Came home, put that away, and headed out for Grocery Shopping Round Two to Giant Eagle.  I got all but two things.  I will probably be back at Trader Joe's tomorrow or Monday looking for tahini don't remember what else.

This all had me starting dinner at 7pm.  Fortunately I remembered to put my tempeh in the marinade between shopping trip 1 & shopping trip 2 so I could put in to bake as I was putting the groceries away.  Dinner was easy, which was really needed after the day I've had.

I put less Bragg's in the marinade this time and it was perfect.  Not too salty.  I had my choice of any veggie I wanted so I went with brussels sprouts, because they're awesome!  And brown rice.  A very satisfying, flavorful dinner.

Control-wise today has been the hardest.  Honestly I've been too busy lately to even think about eating anything I shouldn't.  If I'm hungry when I clock out at 10:30 at night I grab a healthy snack and stumble to bed.  But today, out running around, this is the time I'd run through McDonald's and grab and iced coffee or a Frappe for a pick me up and I really missed that.  And there were obviously quicker, easier things I could have made for lunch after mowing or for dinner after shopping half the day.  The Starbucks iced coffee in the coolers by the check out were really hard to resist.  I even had myself almost talked into the idea that a bottle of organic, unsweetened iced tea would be fine...but it wouldn't.  It's not on the list.  If I veer off the list for iced tea today, it'll be something worse tomorrow.  

The crazy thing though, I don't miss meat.  At all.  I miss the convenience foods, not for their taste but their ease.  I miss my iced coffee and frappe, not for their caffeine but for their taste.  They are my 'comfort food'.  But I haven't had red meat in six days, and I haven't had chicken in four.  And that's fine.  Do I think I'm going to be vegetarian long-term? No. I love me a good steak or pepperoni & sausage pizza too much.  But I do think the days of meat with every single lunch and dinner no matter what are long gone.  I don't need it.  

So here I am, it's 9:27 pm and I'm coloring my hair.  I really REALLY wanted to just be DONE but it was on my list for today so I'm doing it today.  Tomorrow I will work.  On Sunday.  This is really getting to be the norm, and that's not good.

So wow...this is the end of the 7th day.  A whole week.  It doesn't seem like it.  I'll weigh tomorrow and post my progress.  Truth be told I've been weighing throughout the week.  I'm going to get a week one progress weight tomorrow morning then ask The Boy to hide the scale from me until next week. Daily weighing is not a good thing.

But all in all week one has been good.  I'm really glad I'm doing this.  It's challenging, no doubt.  And week two is already a bigger challenge because The Boy is here.  Just fitting everything into the fridge is a struggle.  Watching him eat pizza will not be fun.  But I have it easier than most as he has offered to fend for himself this week so I don't have to cook double meals.  Then for week three he will be back with his dad.

I have to wonder how I would feel right now after everything I've done today if I were eating my normal diet.  I mean I have literally run nonstop for 12 hours, sitting only to drive, mow, or eat, and I feel fine.  I mean I'm tired but I wouldn't say I'm exhausted by any stretch.  In fact I'm a little concerned I won't be able to get to sleep as early as I'd like to get an early start tomorrow.  I don't want to have to take my lunch to work so I'll have to eat breakfast, go work 4 or 5 hours then high-tail it back home for my microgreen salad, followed by a trip to home depot and some more yard work.  

But now, time to rinse.

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