Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ultimate Reset Day 1 - I Freaking Love Steamed Kale

Day one has definitely been interesting.  And challenging.  But also rewarding.

First, I overslept.  I'm still catching up on sleep from the trip, and feeling SO MUCH better (thank you z-pac) as far as the sinus infection goes, but still felt like I really needed to stay in bed when the alarm went off.  

I thought sleeping in might also make the day easier, because there are days on this program where it looks like you get a lot of food, but day 1 is not one of them, so I thought making the day shorter would make me less hungry.  What I didn't bargain on was that making the day shorter would make it really hard to fit in all of the cooking and eating and shopping I needed to do.

Something that will really take some getting used to is the fact that I can't have breakfast as soon as I get up.  I'm very used to stumbling blindly down the steps, letting the dogs out and feeding them, then making my Shakeology.  Not the routine with this plan.  First I have to drink at least 12 oz of distilled water, to which I've added Mineralize (himalayan sea salt), 10 to 15 drops of Oxygenize and down two capsules of Optimize.  

Then I wait 30 minutes.  

I used this time to dry-brush (more on that later), take a shower and record my starting weight and measurements.  I am not a fan of this weighing and measuring procedure, and was glad to get it over with early.  I found that I've gained 3 lbs since last I got on the scale, before my back went out and I got sick and all heck broke loose at work.

Post-shower I was faced with the daunting task of putting on my Ultimate Reset Bracelet all by myself.  Oh the tribulations I have faced.  You'd be surprised what you can do with your teeth if you really try. 

Pretty bow.  You know you want one.

Breakfast today was pretty easy compared with what I see ahead of me in the recipes section of the handbook.  Just a couple eggs, whole wheat toast and....wait what?  Steamed kale.  A green vegetable.  For breakfast?  That's crazytalk!!!

But I'm doing as they say, enjoying having the decisions taken out of my hands, I steamed some kale.  A "generous portion" to be exact.  This kind of freaks me out.  A generous portion?  And "2 slices whole grain toast"???  I'm used to being told how many ounces of everything I can have and how many calories the toast should be.  I'm giddy with the freedom.

My shiny new steamer basket.

I managed to cook breakfast without breaking anything, burning anything or crying.  You think I'm being a smartass but really the number of times I've accomplished this are few.  I'm not much of a cook, nor am I a morning person.  

Not disgusting.....

Yes, the book called for scrambled eggs...but if you're not going to let me have butter on my toast I need to dip it in yolk.  

As I sat down for breakfast I learned something...I freaking LOVE steamed kale.  No, I'm not kidding.  With a little's good!!!

After breakfast I tidied up the kitchen and ran the dishwasher.  And off I went to Whole Foods.

My iPhone thinks it's funny...I ask for Whole Foods it gives me...DONUTS?????

I found a very nice lady at Whole Foods who was able to help me find every single item.  Yes, I should have listened to my friend Heather who said I should have just gone to Whole Foods in the first place.  And now I know what jicama looks like, and that they sell quinoa in bulk there.  I love Whole Foods.  I just wish it wasn't so far away.

Back home and starving, it was time once again for supplements and to make lunch.  Ahh...a microgreens salad with cashews.  This should be easy...but have to MAKE YOUR OWN SALAD DRESSING???  What next?  Am I going to weave my own dishtowels?

Ok it wasn't that hard, and it is YUMMY!!!  And I found out I like jicama.

I might have licked the bowl just a lil' bit.

Then...I ran the dishwasher again.

Two hours later it was time for the part I had been dreading.  The green monster.  The green goop.  The green goblin.  Alkalinize.

I've heard not so great reviews of this.  It's super duper healthy, contains all sorts of natural stuff....and doesn't taste so good.

Before mixing...aint it purty?

After mixing...not much better.

I chugged it.  It's gross but it goes quick.  I'm told you get used to it.  Next time I will use less water and do it like a shot.

And before I knew it, it was time to make dinner.  Again, I thought it would be more simple than it was.  Baked salmon...what could be hard about that?  Well it's marinaded.  And the marinade is home made.  But again, not a huge deal, like five or six ingredients, and really REALLY yummy.  Add boiled potatoes and steamed asparagus and it was a really satisfying, flavorful meal.  

But while the salmon was in the oven, I made tomorrow's lunch.  It's a salad.  And it calls for a different dressing than the one I had today.  So I've made my own salad dressing twice today, but I now have two kinds of dressing in the fridge to choose from.

Oh yeah, and I ran the dishwasher again.

If I so choose I can have a snack of an apple or celery with natural peanut butter later but I'm honestly not hungry.  I'm tired.  And I have a headache.  Some people say the oxygenize gives them headaches but I had my first dose at 10:30 this morning and the headache didn't start 'till about 2pm, so I'm guessing it's caffeine withdrawal.

All in all I've been very happy with the food.  The prep has been labor-intensive but educational and that's part of the adventure and challenge of it.  Tomorrow's food looks even yummier and also a bit easier, though having to get up early enough to take supplements, make oatmeal and pack up food before work is, frankly, gonna kinda suck.  I'm hoping an extra half hour will do it.  Fingers crossed.

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