Monday, June 18, 2012

Ultimate Reset Day 2 - Ow My Brain

This will be uncharacteristically brief.  It's been a very rough day on The Day Job, followed by a much-needed trip to the chiropractor which caused me to be an hour late getting home, followed by making dinner and tomorrow's lunch then a bit of time on the The Day Job 2.0 (night shift).

You guys I'm whooped.

This was breakfast. Oatmeal, plain greek yogurt sweetened with a little maple syrup, a whole cup of blueberries.

That's a buttload of blueberries.

It was really good but WAY too big.  Since I'm used to snacking between breakfast and lunch, and this program only gives you one (optional) snack a day, I tried to eat all of the brekfast ended up very nauseated.   If this breakfast rolls around again I will save the yogurt and make it into a mid-morning snack.

This was lunch.  Greek salad with chicken and homemade Greek dressing.  This dressing was also really good.  Not sure if I liked it better than the Creamy Garlic dressing or not.  One thing is for sure, I'm done buying bottled dressings.

Yes that's a sharp knife.  Don't get betwen me and my salad.  I will cut you.

This was my afternoon snack...KIDDING...this WOULD HAVE been my afternoon snack if I wasn't doing the reset.  These are HUGE pieces of cake if you can't make it out.  I wasn't even really tempted though.  I mean it looked good but I have not endured 24 hours of pounding headache just to screw it up now.

EVIL cake.  Boo hisss..

And this was dinner.  This was AMAZINGLY good.  Black beans & brown rice with corn, salsa & guacamole in a whole wheat tortilla (it called for a corn tortilla but I switched it up...that's how I roll) and steamed kale with pine nuts.  The beans & rice weren't blah at all.  They had me add stuff.  Spices & such.

Invisible, secret, tasty-making stuff.

As I mentioned I've had a headache since yesterday afternoon.  I still blame caffeine withdrawal rather than the oxygenize.  It's steady.  Does not increase when I use the oxygenize.  I'm praying for relief tomorrow.  I'm kicking myself because I had cut way down on caffeine...right up until last week.  Sick, overworked and run down I needed a pick me up...well several of them.  And they came, more often than not, in the form of sugar filled coffee drinks with pretty piles of whipped cream on top, or creamy ones on ice.  My chiropractor, while trying to ease my headache (unsuccessfully) said that sudden withdrawal from sugar can cause headaches too.

I have earned this headache.  You betcha I have.

I have a slight backache.  Nothing horrible.  Some people have reported body aches, specifically back aches, on the reset, but mine could just as easily be the combined effects of nearly 24 hours sleep in 2 days, lots of stress, and lots of inactivity.  Who knows.

I had four massages scheduled to help me through any aches & pains.  I got a SMOKIN' deal.  Four one-hour sessions for $100.  But alas the money fairy skipped my house so I had to cancel.  This made me very sad.  But a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do.

Sorry it's so brief, but I really need to get some sleep.

Oh but one more thing...while the rice was cooking for my dinner (rice takes A FREAKING HOUR PEOPLE!!...I did not know this!) I made tomorrow's lunch.  I licked the spoon and I can tell you it is HEAVENLY.  Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, if you're thinking you're up to the challenge of reclaiming your health, you can get all the details HERE.

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