Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ultimate Reset Day 12 - Blog Over Lunch Post 101

After I posted last night I realized that was my 100th Blog Over Lunch entry.  I feel like there should be streamers or kazoo's or something.

Today I drank this:

Nectarine, apple, orange smoothie.

And I ate this:

Quinoa Lentil Pilaf and Tomato Cucumber Salad

And I ate this:

Roasted beets, coconut collard greens and quinoa.

The coconut collard greens were AMAZING.  I can't believe I've never tried coconut milk before.  I will be using MUCH of this going forward...if I can figure out how.  

Today I was washing my face and I noticed my skin is noticeably different.  I have a fairly clear complexion as it is.  I am 46 and postmenopausal after all, so while I'm still prone to the occasional zit I don't get routine breakouts.  Wrinkles are of greater concern.  But my skin has a much more even tone.  I'm far less blotchy and less pale.  Complexion improvement is commonly sighted as a side effect of the Reset, so yay!!

I wish I could stop working myself to death so I could figure out what other side effects I might be having.  My energy is about normal, but I think given the schedule I've been keeping I'd probably be dragging normally, so maybe if I wasn't flogging myself professionally I would probably be moving furniture or painting the barn (as if I could afford paint...I crack me up).  My back is killing me but I have no doubt that's from 12 hours a day at a computer then cooking another 2 hours.  I go to the chiropractor tomorrow, thank God.

I also wish I could do some yoga or go for a damn walk.  The only exercise I've had since I started this has been yardwork or hauling groceries in from the garage.  I know I'd be less achy, and my back would feel better, if I could sneak in a session of Les Mills Flow.  

But wishing isn't going to make it happen now is it?


I really need to find a way to sneak some actual LIFE into my wake/work/cook/work/sleep routine.

Adding that to the to-do list for tomorrow.  

Ooh!! It's time to sleep.  My favorite.


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