Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ultimate Reset Day 5 - Nothing Should Taste Like Gum Except Gum

Well it's day five.  I have to say it's going fast, but that could be because all I do is work and cook. Seriously I've watched about an hour of TV all week, and that was baseball with The Guy.  I go to work, I come home and play vegetarian chef for a bit, then I work some more until it's time to sleep.  I really need stuff to slow down on The Day Job soon.  I'm feelin' crispy.

Breakfast today was AWESOME!!  It was rice cereal (aka Farina) with walnuts & maple syrup.  I can't say I've had any real sugar cravings but this bit of sweetness was very welcome and made my taste buds do a little happy dance.

Awesomeness in a bowl.

Lunch was quinoa salad, veggies and hummus.  As much as I love quinoa, the salad was kind of "eeh", but it brought me to the realization that I'm not fond of mint outside of, yaknow, mints.  I don't like mojitos, I bought some herbal "tension tamer" tea that smelled like gum in the teabag but made me gag when I tried to drink it, and now this.  You guys...nothing should taste like gum except gum.  I have spoken.  But the hummus was really good.  I mean really REALLY good.  I do like hummus but this stuff was beyond awesome and I have to wonder if I'm starting to experience changes in my taste buds as some reset participants have reported.  Apparently when you stop flooding your taste buds food-like products that are engineered to taste good (therefore getting you addicted and ensuring you buy more) you start to appreciate the natural flavors of real food.

Hummus from heaven and quinoa eeh.

When I did my week one shopping I only bought six jugs of water.  I hadn't yet done the math on how much I had to drink, nor did I take into account water for cooking, ice cubes, etc, and today I will finish my sixth jug.  So I stopped on my way home and picked up a few more.

This stop made me late getting home and any delay in getting home is stressful for me now because my main goal in life is to get done making dinner and the next day's lunch and get the kitchen cleaned up so I can blog, then work 'till I pass out.  So I was happy to get home, open my handy dandy guide and find that dinner was miso soup (am I the only one who hears this song in their head when the name "miso soup" comes up?), veggie strir fry and brown rice.

Quick and easy and I was sitting down and eating by 6:40.

I'm not gonna lie, this dinner felt light to me.  Even with kale instead of seaweed the miso soup is not my favorite.  It's kind of thin and brothy and easily separates.  I dumped a ton of salt in it just to feel like I wasn't drinking hot water.  The rice and veggies were good but nothing special, and I've come to expect special.

Oh well, every hit can't be a home run, or something.

After dinner I figured I'd throw lunch together real quick and be done with the cooking stuff for the night.  Fortunately I glanced at breakfast and realized that it will not only require cooking ( the morning for crap sake), but also required putting together a marinade from scratch and marinading for at least an hour.  So after making dinner I had to pretty much make breakfast (with the exception of the baking part) and then lunch.  But if the marinade is any indication I am going to L O V E my breakfast.

I got on the scale this morning and I'm down three lbs in four days.  I hear a lot of people complain that their energy levels are low at this point but I feel fine.  No aches or pains except the backache, which I still think is more a result of the fact that I spend 12 hours a day at a computer and two to three hours a day on my feet cooking and cleaning up.  It's not exactly a balanced physical regimen.  I'm really hoping to find time to do some yoga and walk the dogs this weekend.

But now, to work.

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