Saturday, June 16, 2012

Reset Interrupted

Hey guess what?  I'm not Superwoman. Who knew?  You?  Well why didn't you tell me?

When I found myself fighting a sinus infection a few weeks ago I dutifully popped the amoxicillin...when I remembered, which meant the ten day dose took more like 15 days to finish.    Did I take even one day off work?  No.  Did I push fluids or get extra sleep?  Naaah...that stuff is for wussies.  I worked.  I worked from the office and I worked from home and, to be clear as I'm not a complete martyr, I went out and had fun a little too.  Sick?  Bah!  

And the amoxicillin, to its credit, ALMOST managed to do its job in spite of my complete lack of cooperation.  Almost.  Two weeks after I stopped taking it I still had a nagging sore throat and irritating sinus issues.  I convinced myself it was just allergies, even though I was taking zyrtec every day and at times could hardly swallow.

Pretend it's not there and it will go away, right?

So it will come as a surprise to nobody that a few 16 hour days preparing for my trip, followed by lots of talking in meetings, late nights working in a hotel room, lack of sleep in an unfamiliar bed, dry airplane air and air pressure changes left me with a throat that felt like it was swollen shut, double earache, irritating cough and just feeling like I had been run over then dragged several miles by a bus.

Go figure.

My doctor, bless his pea-pickin' little heart, agreed to call in a prescription for another, stronger round of antibiotics without even seeing me.  I might have told a teeny tiny little fib, saying that I couldn't come in to the office because I'd be out of town until late Friday night, when in fact I got home about 4pm.  But the last thing I wanted was to spend my first three hours back in town in his office with germy little kids coughing on me as I wait to have a popsicle stick shoved down my sore and swollen throat.

So directly from the airport I went to CVS and picked up my z-pack, then I went out for my "last supper" before starting The Ultimate Reset.  Plan was to go grocery shopping after dinner for "reset food"...because precious little of the healthy food required for the Reset has ever been in my house.

Rest...cheeyah right.

Before I got on the plane to come home I very nearly texted my friend LaDawn, who is doing this with me, and said "Let's just start Sunday"...but that would have been to admit defeat...never surrender. 

Funny thing how You Get What You Need.  I get off the plane, turn on my phone and there's a text from LaDawn..."Hey! How about we start Sunday?  I'm not ready".  

So here it is almost 4pm and I'm just now heading out to start shopping for a bunch of food I've never even heard of (tempe anyone?).  So tomorrow it really starts....really :)

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