Friday, June 22, 2012

The Ultimate Reset Day Six - I Was Wrong

You guys I'm tired.  Nothing went right at work today.  It was a long-ass day full of not right worky stuff. I forgot to bring my reset supplements, I didn't get to have lunch 'till 2:30, I am very ready for this week to be over.

The food was good though.

Breakfast was baked tempeh with avocado and steamed kale.  I wasn't as crazy about this tempeh as I was the smoked temphe from the other day but I think that was more about the marinade than the tempeh.  It was a little too salty for me, which is saying something because I salt the shit out of everything.

But I cut up the avocado in little pieces and mixed it in with the kale and it was YUMMY!!

Lunch, as I said, was at 2:30 and by that time the last thing on my mind was taking pictures, but it was quinoa salad and microgreen salad and I think we've seen enough pictures of that now haven't we?  I have to admit I'm pretty tired of making microgreen salad but I'm not tired of eating it.  I do, however, have to make more creamy garlic salad dressing tomorrow as I used up the end of it with lunch.  That recipe is a definite keeper.

After work I got to see The Boy for a bit.  He's "back home" from his ten day stay at his dad's.  I put that in quotes because 1) even when he stays with his dad he comes home frequently to shower and pick up clothes and 2) he's 17, so he's rarely actually home, it's more a question of who he checks in with and who sets his curfew.  

Even though he's my height and very much turning into a man, I still feel like he grew while he was gone, and matured a little.  He has a job now, just started this past Tuesday, so that could have a lot to do with it.  That or he's just tired from four days of hard labor and that makes him look older to me.

After a quick visit (if meeting him at the gas station to fill his tank can be considered a 'visit') I came home and made dinner. 

I don't mind telling you that I was NOT looking forward to this dinner.  I thought it was going to be a royal pain in the ass to make, three separate recipes, and also I didn't think I'd like it.  

I was wrong.  And I would like to say this again for a certain gentleman I know who says women never admit when they're wrong.  I....WAS....WRONG.  


Even after the gas station detour, and then another visit where he brought his (dirty) laundry home and chatted briefly, dinner was still ready by 7:10.  Given that I've been eating around 8 most nights, that's a win.  And most of that cooking time was actually spent doing things like sorting laundry and changing light bulbs while the oven did all the heavy lifting.

I don't like beets.  Never have.  To be brutally honest, they're blecky.  But in roasted root medley they're divine.  I don't like zucchini.  It's gross.  But in zucchini cashew soup it's sublime.  I've never had toasted millet.  I'd like to come up with another lovely adjective.  But it's just okay.  It's a grain.  Like rice or quinoa.  Not really any better than brown rice.  It was dry, almost the consistency of stuffing, but that could just mean I overcooked it.  But with a healthy dose of Bragg's Liquid Aminos and salt, it was good.

Trifecta of yum

The most exciting thing about my evening was that I'm off work tomorrow so I didn't have to cook tomorrow's lunch before I cleaned up the kitchen.  So I spent that time on the phone with a certain gentleman who now knows I WAS RIGHT when I said I was able to admit when I'm wrong.  I had this conversation in my comfy chair.  That was the first time I sat in it in a week.  

So now the kitchen is clean and I've enjoyed the sunset on my deck.  I find myself with two hours until The Boy has to be home and nothing to do.  Here is the adjective for which I was searching for a use earlier.....heavenly.

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