Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Ultimate Reset - Shopping Day

Today was shopping day for week one of The Ultimate Reset.  One thing about this program that I think is very well thought-out and convenient is that they give you a complete grocery list for each week, so you don't have to go through the recipes and make your own list.  Just print out each week's list from The Ultimate Reset Participant Portal and take it to the store.

So first I dug through my kitchen to determine what I already had and what I would need to buy.  In fairly short order I determined that I had very little of what I would need.  One can easily infer from this that I don't cook very healthy meals.  In reality...I just kinda don't cook.

A lot of the week one list consists of herbs and spices, condiments and oils.  These are things I will use throughout the three week program and beyond.   I had quite an impressive collection of jars in the spice cabinet, mostly dating back to days when XBF was here.  He cooked.

So I pulled out all of the little jars and I saw a whole lot of this:

And even a little bit of this:

And ended up with a whole bunch of this:

In the end all I found in my existing kitchen inventory that would be valuable this coming week was chicken breasts, olive oil, walnuts and a few frozen vegetables.

So off I went to my local Super WalMart.  I was able to breeze through large chunks of the store where I used to spend a lot of time.  This week (and hopefully going forward) I have no interest in the frozen food department except to pick up the few vegetables I was unable to find fresh.  Obviously I was able to bypass the snack food isle and, sadly, I breezed right past the alcohol isle.  My only interest in the meat department was in the seafood section where I tried unsuccessfully to find a salmon fillet.  I did, however, spend more time in the produce department than I ever have, felt like I was going to spend the night in the spice isle and and even hoisted six jugs of distilled water into my cart.

And home I went with my haul.

But even with this impressive array of healthy foods, I still had a short list of items I had yet to find.

Off I went to Trader Joe's.  I really wanted to go to Whole Foods but I thought I would be able to find what I needed at TJ's without burning the gas it would take on the 40 minute drive to Whole Foods.

I was wrong.

As I stood in the nuts and seeds isle a very nice young lady came up to me and said "Can I help you find something?".  I nearly hugged her.  I spent the next 20 minutes with this angel by my side helping me find what she could, and advising me where to go for the things TJ's doesn't carry.  I left with one exotic and expensive bag of food.

I don't think my kitchen has ever been so well stocked.  I have resorted to storing vegetables in areas of the refrigerator other than the vegetable drawers, because those drawers are full.  This is unheard of!  Look!  Those are bell peppers and carrots right out there in the middle!

For a plan that doesn't let you drink alcohol, there are a lot of bottles involved!!!

Even after all of this, there are still nine items I have been unable to locate.  I should have just gone to Whole Foods and saved myself the runaround.

Day one breakfast is very simple and I have everything I need for that.  For lunch I have everything I need except jicama. Apparently it's some sort of vegetable.  Who knew?

So right after breakfast I will drive 40 minutes for nine items....hoping Whole Foods carries them all.

I haven't even been out of bed 12 hours and I'm exhausted.  The z-pack is doing it's job...I feel SO MUCH better, but I'm still whooped.  Big day tomorrow!  Lots of new stuff to learn!  I'm excited.

Stay tuned....

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