Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ultimate Reset Day 4 - Like buying your dog a dog.



Ok sorry, I just had to get that out.  

Time to put 'em on.

Day four has been good reset-wise.  I'm watching some of the video diaries on the participant portal and I guess I have it easy.  Some people are complaining that they have no energy, body aches, mood swings (let's not talk about that up there, mnkay?). My energy is fine, my back is killing me but I still don't know if that's just because my back sucks or if it's the body aches people complain about.  Headache is, thankfully, completely gone.  Not really craving anything. Now if I could just clone myself I'd be all set.

Up at 6:30 (that's an hour before normal) for breakfast, though today was very easy and I could have slept 'till 7:45 and made it to work at my normal screaming-through-the-door-at-exactly-8:30 time.  

Fruit, yogurt and toast.  Even I can do that without whining.


I considered saving the yogurt for a mid-morning snack but I was really hungry.  I don't usually wake up hungry at all.  I heard somewhere that if you don't wake up hungry you're eating too much at night.  Could be.

I've figured out (I'm a real genius I tellya) that if I have a morning snack around 9:30 I can squeeze in the two hour wait before I take my pre-lunch supplements at 11:30 and have lunch at noon.  So at 9:30 I dug into my favorite part of my lunch (I'm not great at the whole delayed gratification thing) and ate every last bit of my lentil lime salad.  No picture, sorry. But it looked pretty much the same as it did here.

Lunch was nori rolls left over from last night (note...ALWAYS look ahead in the guide, because at no point did it say "hey dumbass...make a double batch because you're supposed to have them for lunch tomorrow too") and microgreen salad with my beloved creamy garlic dressing.

I actually ate half the salad before I remembered to take a picture.

I thought dinner was going to be quick.  Stirfry veggies, how hard can it be?  And really it wasn't, except it also called for a side salad (veggies to be a side for the veggies?  That's like buying your dog a dog) and quinoa.  I had never cooked quinoa before, only had it premade.  It's so easy to make and just as yummy as when my friend Trader Joe makes it for me.  I really hope The Boy likes it.  Maybe I'll tell him it's curly rice.

So it was another three recipe night (if you can call 'boil the quinoa' a recipe) followed by a two recipe lunch for tomorrow.  So dinner and lunch prep and cleanup was complete at 8:45.

Now I know why we're all fat.  Women have to work now and nobody has time to cook real food. Because seriously, I could not do this long-term.  Three weeks?  No sweat.  And I will definitely incorporate many of the recipes I've had so far into future meals, but you can bet yer bippy I'll be using bottled lemon & lime juice (my hands are tired from squeezing) and frozen veggies probably won't taste as good you see all those tomatoes up there on the left?  I cut them all in half!!  All of them.  

But also I admit I'm spoiled.  The stirfry recipe (yes, I'm that cooking illiterate that I needed instructions to stirfry) said to stir (and, yaknow, fry) for two minutes, then add more ingredients and do it for another five minutes and I was like "I'm supposed to just STAND HERE and do this for SEVEN WHOLE MINUTES???"  

How the hell did pioneer women have time to, like, bang clothes on rocks and make soap & stuff?

I got on the scale this morning and I'm 2.5 lbs down.  But I don't feel like it.  I'm a little bloated.  I think it's the beans. My beloved lentil lime salad has turned against me. 

I'm having no trouble getting the water in.  A gallon a day.  Well they call for 1 oz for every 2 lbs you weigh, so a gallon is actually more than I need to drink, but I'm getting the gallon in and usually a glass or two more.  That's the easy part.  It's the getting up during the night to pee that sucks.

And I'm not sleeping very well.  I hear that's common and when it passes I will sleep like the dead. That will not suck.

But for now I guess I should enjoy the fact that I don't seem to need much sleep, because there's payin' that needs done up in here.


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